Harvest #2


Every month we’ll post a roundup of GARDEN PARTY-related blogs, articles and opportunities that appeared elsewhere on the internet*. Feel free to add other links in the comments below!

PERENNIALS – other blogs/sites/accounts:

Shadow and Act

Seeking Our Story

Women in Media



SEASONAL – recent articles:

Native Actors Deserve to Be Seen

My Convoluted Journey to Feminism

Payal Sethi Explains Why We Should Drop The Word ‘Women’ When We Talk About Women Filmmakers!


FERTILIZER – opportunities:

Women In Film & The Black List Launch TV Lab For Female Writers


*Note, there is A LOT of important material out there about diversity and the entertainment industry. But TGP is interested in first-person perspectives rather than broad cultural criticism or think pieces. TGP comes at the conversation from a place of storytelling and plurality (in the tradition of Consciousness Raising). So the articles shared here reflect that approach.❤


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